Sunday, January 29, 2012

Healthy "Twist" vs Healthy Eating

Most of the recipes that you will find on this site are healthy eating recipes. However, some are healthy twist recipes. What does this mean? Well, healthy eating recipes (like balsamic chicken with figs), you could eat every week, or even every day if you wished, and be getting the proper nutrients into you body. Your portion size of healthy eating recipes will determine whether you gain, maintain, or lose weight, so make the right decision for where you are in your health goals currently.
Healthy twist recipes are those like macaroni and cheese. Even though it is made with healthier ingredients than traditionally, you will gain weight if you eat it every day. This is because, unless you have a side of vegetable or salad, you are only eating pasta and cheese mixed together with half-and-half. Though this recipe calls for brown rice noodles instead of wheat or pasta noodles, you're still eating a plate full of macaroni. It's okay to indulge in healthy twist recipes now and then, but they shouldn't make up a large part of your diet if you are really trying to be "healthy."

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