Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fresh Herbs

I don't buy fresh herbs from the store for my cooking. Because I don't always plan my dinners out for the week ahead of time, I never know how much basil or cilantro or dill I might need that week. I hate buying extra and having it go bad in the fridge or not buying any and then needing to go to he store just for that. As a result, I have begun buying fresh herbs in tubes. They last longer and are easier to measure out for recipes. I always keep a tube of basil, cilantro, and one of dill in my fridge. This way, I can make a quick pesto any time to drizzle over chicken or pasta, or add some fresh flavor to Italian dishes. Look for fresh herbs in tubes at your local grocery store in the produce section (normally they are by the mushrooms and squash). Also be sure to visit the dinner page for a quick and tasty basil pesto recipe that is delicious with roasted tomatoes!

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